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IT Recycling Company

  • Reduce your generation of e-waste through smart procurement and good maintenance.
  • Reuse still functioning electronic equipment by donating or selling it to someone who can still use it.
  • Recycle those products that cannot be repaired. To find an organization that will manage your E-waste Recycling

What is E-waste ?iso14001-2015

Electronic waste, or “e-waste,” is a term used to portray any electronic gadget that is obsolete, out of date, broken, gave, disposed of, or toward the end of its valuable life. This incorporates server, laptops, mobile phones, PCs, tablets, PDAs, screens, TVs, printers, scanners, and some other electrical gadget .

With the quick extension of innovation, joined with the generally short time span of usability of numerous present day electronic gadgets and computers, more e-waste is created every year. Regularly, these disposed of gadgets and computers wind up in landfills or are burned, which can bring about major natural issues in our groups.[read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”]A significant number of the materials found in electronic gadgets are to a great degree risky. These incorporate lead, mercury, and cadmium. At the point when these gadgets wind up in landfills, a large number of these chemicals filter into the dirt amid precipitation or are discharged into the climate when burned. These chemicals can impactsly affect the wellbeing of plants and creatures and when breathed in can prompt genuine respiratory problems. Fortunately, the basic answer for restricting the unsafe impacts of thoughtless e-squander transfer is sheltered and dependable reusing.

Every year, the India alone delivers up to 50 million tons of e-waste. Of this, exclusive 20-25% is reused securely and responsibly. The other 75% winds up in landfills. As an immediate result, perilous materials found in this waste routinely taint our air and water supplies. By securely and capably reusing your e-squander, you can shield your group and the biological community from these unsafe chemicals.

We urge you to gather the majority of your old electronic materials and take them to an e-waste reusing office to ensure they are legitimately taken care of. Spas Computers Pvt Ltd as E-waste Recycler is glad to reuse administrations provider to make this simple for you. Sign on to our site and put in your stick code to locate the nearest our E-Waste recycling facility.[/read]

E-waste Collection Center

E-waste collection occasions are held by an assortment of administration clubs, corporate, companies and organizations to redirect electronic scrap from landfills and at times procure income for substantial gathering volumes.Spas Computers Pvt Ltd has involvement in supporting electronic waste drives and helping gatherings and associations with the fundamental apparatuses to be effective.

Types of E-Waste we will buyit recycling company

Spas Computers Pvt Ltd as E-waste Recycling Company, e-waste dealer and buyer will reuse the majority of the electronic scrap sorts recorded underneath, as a rule we will pay for some of it, in different cases we will bring it with no charge, the costs we pay fluctuates relying upon the area, the kind of scrap and the qty, we will endeavor our earnest attempts to reuse and help sparing our planet[read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”]

We Accept
  • Appliances
    • Small Household (blenders, fans, vacuums, microwaves)
    • Large Household (ovens, refrigerators, washers/dryers, etc)
    • Large Equipment (treadmills, gym equipment, gas tanks, etc)
  • AV Equipment (recording/studio equipment, lighting, etc)
  • Batteries
  • Battery Back – Ups
  • Cameras (film, digital, antique, etc)
  • Cell Phones (all variations)*
  • Chargers and Cables/Cords (all variations)
  • Circuit Boards
  • Computer Accessories (mice, keyboards, etc)
  • Computer Parts (boards, disc drives, hard drives, power supplies, etc)
  • Computers (desktops, laptops, servers, etc)
  • Copy Machines (including large office printers)
  • Gaming Systems (play station, x box, wii, etc).
  • Hard drives (digital storage devices, etc).
  • Home Entertainment (DVD/VHS players, cable boxes, receivers, speakers, etc)
  • Lab Equipment (certificate of decontamination may be required)
  • Light bulbs
  • Monitors/flat panel displays.
  • Networking Equipment (routers, modems, switchboards, etc)
  • Plotters
  • Printers
  • Telephone/Telephone Systems
  • TV’s (all shapes and sizes).


E-waste Recycling Process

Spas Computers Pvt Ltd as IT Recycling Company is a leading provider of cost effective, environmentally responsible electronics waste recycling. Our procedures are intended to adequately use the assets of excess electrical and electronic hardware through the recuperation of crude materials utilized amid assembling. With a zero landfill objective we moderate any danger of natural risk, consistence or negative reputation as aftereffect of the demanufacturing procedure. We brag a standout amongst the most thorough best in class preparing offices for e-waste and offer tight controls and inventive answers for the waste administration handle.          [read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”]

We offer our customers:

• Secure chain of authority coordinations with following and controls

• Receiving and Inventory management with weight, scale tickets and bar-coding documentation

• Data security arrangements if required

• Fully mechanized Inventory and Destruction Process controls

• Tight quality control and yield consistency

• A concentrate on Environmental wellbeing and safety at all offices

• Destruction confirmation accommodated all materials handled



                                              E-waste Solution

• Data Destruction:E-waste Recycling Company

Protection of our of our customers’ restrictive data is of most extreme concern. Spas Computers Pvt Ltd as a E-waste Recycler offers Guaranteed On-Site Hard Drive Data Destruction. At Spas Computers Pvt Ltd, we can physically devastate your hard drives, rendering the read compose heads incoherent.

• Product Destruction:

Spas Computers Pvt Ltd recycling process begins by completely sorting and measuring all materials got. End-of-life electronic gadgets are dismantled to its fundamental parts and are isolated, sorted and classified to be exchanged to our downstream recyclers. We offer Computer recycling in India

• Down Stream Due Diligence:

Many “recyclers” send out old gadgets to immature nations (where there are almost no controls) straightforwardly, or through outsiders. Immature nations utilize primitive techniques for “reusing, for example, cooking circuit sheets or utilizing corrosive showers. Immature nations don’t have wellbeing/work/ecological laws to secure their natives.

• Electronic Recycling:

Spas Computers Pvt Ltd recycles every single electronic gadget in a naturally safe way. Our environment management company has practical experience in green activities such as e-squander.[read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”]

• Certification of Recycling:

Spas Computers Pvt Ltd provides our customers with authentications of transfer to check that the archived materials have been gotten by Spas Computers, as well as been dealt with in consistence with the rules put forward by the CPCB benchmarks.

• Logistics:

Spas Computers Pvt Ltd offers an entire line of on location accumulation administrations. Spas Computers has an accomplished coordinations group that is constantly educated, supportive and gracious. Our coordinations group dependably comes arranged with the best possible hardware, for example, bed jacks and dollies.



Recycle E-waste

Spas Computers Pvt Ltd has been approved by the MPCB to gather and recycle e-waste (Authorization letter) as indicated by the guidelines set by central pollution control for managing e-waste. Apparently innocuous batteries, cell phones, chargers, Computers, Laptops and so on really represent a grave risk to the earth and individuals when despicably disposed.Contact us to lead an E – waste collection event.

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