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IT Management Company

We as IT management companies give creative administrations to help customers construct and support exceptionally enhanced and dependable system frameworks. With pIT Management Companiesrofound abilities and information, including industry-driving skill, Spas Computers concentrates on comprehension its customer’s business objectives and necessities and afterward interpreting business and key destinations into systems administration prerequisites. We work intimately with innovation and your business associations to make organizing abilities that address today’s issues to lessen cost, as well as address tomorrow’s necessity for improved business and operational capacities. Special managing IT sellers having sound E-Waste management forms.

IT Infrastructure Management

As undertakings scale their IT framework to bolster business development, overseeing worldwide systems, databases and applications turns into a colossal errand which can overpower interior assets. Spas Computers offers a total arrangement of arrangements and administrations for overseeing venture IT foundations.

Our IT Infrastructure Management Services are a thorough arrangement of administrations that helps clients to completely use their IT speculations by enhancing accessibility, unwavering quality and execution. These incorporate the arrangement of individuals, procedures and point of view to dependably convey application accessibility, security and execution of your IT foundation.                         [read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”] 

The goal is to improve IT Infrastructure Management by adjusting existing IT foundation to general business technique. We accomplish this by offering an entire arrangement of altered administrations and ability, from arranging and outline to obtainment, establishment, reconciliation, movement help to framework administration, phone bolster and on location equipment and programming fixes.

Aside from outlining, arranging and actualizing IT foundations benefit, Spas Computers likewise offers support to oversee and keep up your current system framework. The administrations we support are:

• Microsoft Windows Server

• Active Directory Services

• All Window Network Infrastructure Services

• Internet Information Server

• Microsoft Exchange Server

• Enterprise and Desktop Antivirus

We can give the accompanying backing to the previously mentioned administrations

• Telephonic Support

• Remote Access Support

• Onsite Support

• Annual Maintenance Support

Administrations OFFERED:

• Helpdesk Services

• Desktop Management

• System Administration

• Server Monitoring and Management

• Networking Monitoring and Management

• Asset Management

• Application and Database Administration Services

• Provision of On-Site Support Personnel

• Vendor Management

• Network and Security Audits


Spas Computer ManagementBackup and Disaster Recovery Management

Disaster dependably appears to strike when we are minimum arranged, be it due to a slammed hard circle or any regular catastrophes. An association needs a congruity arrange set up that works, permitting access to all business basic information and application; regardless of how most exceedingly bad you are hit.

From desktops/servers to datacenter destinations; information reinforcement, failover excess, catastrophe recuperation locales are the standards. Today’s business operations requests high accessibility of frameworks and constant access to mission basic data.[read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”] 

Associations are tested to ensure against disturbances in administration and loss of information incorporate across the board control misfortunes, common fiascos, vindictive movement and fear based oppression.

Associations must send a foundation to secure both basic and general everyday information. Frequently these incorporate interconnection of server farms crosswise over districts, isolated by tens, hundreds or even a huge number of miles. A sound calamity recuperation business coherence plan is fundamental to ensure the prosperity of an association.

Our counseling specialists can help you draw a calamity recuperation and administration arrange and execute the same.


Remote Infrastructure Management

Spas Computers remote PC and Laptop support is perfect for you since we are accessible for 365 days a year from 9 AM to 8 PM IST. We give high caliber of support to PCs and Notebooks utilizing our most recent innovation remote support, utilizing the web, visit and telephonic offer assistance. Recall that we are only a tick or summon, regardless of where you are.

Remote Services is another innovation bolster, advanced by Spas Computers Pvt Ltd – A 5 year old organization. We have the ability, foundation and aptitudes to convey premium support to Spas Computers clients pretty much as we have been accomplishing for as long as 2 decades.[read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”] 

With Spas Computers, we plan to be the favored IT bolster goal for a huge number of PC clients and organizations the nation over.

Why Remote Support:

• Reduce cost and/or use

• Acquire new advances to enhance business proficiency

• Improve application execution and end client encounter

• Improve correspondence inside and remotely with customers

• Reduce IT staff prerequisites to use assets for more vital tasks

• Lack of in house expertise sets

Relocation/Migration Management

Is your current system framework developed throughout the years as an impromptu system? Do you now think that its hard to oversee, keep up and scale up your system?

We comprehend your developing needs and the limitation you confront starting today. Our ability at Spas Computers can evaluate your present system state and can give a stage astute movement, relocation or solidification arrange. We can likewise convey the same without influencing your everyday business operation.

We can help you

• Revamp your system authoritative model

• Migrate or overhaul your current informing or collective framework

• Consolidate you’re existing foundation utilizing Virtualization innovation

• Address all your system security concerns


E-waste Management

The generation of electrical and electronic gadgets is the quickest developing area of assembling industry in industrialized nations. In the meantime, mechanical advancement and exceptional promoting cause a quick substitution handle. Consistently, 20 to 50 million tons of electrical and electronic hardware scrap (“e-waste”) are created around the world, which could convey genuine dangers to human wellbeing and the earth.[read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”] 

As a piece of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we are focused on diminishing waste through our acquiring approaches and transfer Initiatives. We guarantee legitimate Electronic waste accumulation, reusing, treatment of dangerous materials under eco-accommodating standards.

According to worldwide practice, the life expectancy of all IT assets spreading over from obtainment to disposing of should be overseen in a manner which complies with sound environmental standards as point by point in the IT E-Waste rules.

This incorporates:

Special managing IT sellers having sound E-Waste management forms.

Developing the helpful existence of IT advantages for defer/minimize era of E-Waste.

Capable transfer forms adjusting to administrative necessities and best practices.

The e-waste produced inside Progressive is reused through ensured offices that take after reusing process according to global standards which is further dealt with and arranged completely. We screen the offices as indicated by rules given by the important contamination control powers, by occupying electronic waste from landfills and utilizing environment benevolent handling, we ensure the earth is spared from contamination.

We, at Progressive, guarantee that these items are:

Surveyed and judged for their utility esteem

Position to further use till the most extreme level conceivable

Sorted out, gathered and oversaw from among the tremendous hills of alternate sorts of non-reusable e-waste


Asset ManagementIT management company

IT Asset Management (ITAM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) have a similar objective – overseeing innovation to convey business esteem. They’re a piece of a similar machine, so it bodes well to help IT Asset Managers work in congruity with IT Service Managers – sharing devices and data to enhance proficiency of IT operations and convey more esteem to the business at a bring down cost.          [read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”]

• Manage the full IT resource lifecycle.

• Service-situated CMDB demonstrates the business setting of all advantages.

• Automated resource disclosure keeps CMDB information new.

• Optimize programming permit cost and consistence.

Robotized Asset Discovery

Get an entire and precise perspective of your IT infrastructure. Powerful operator based and specialist less revelation innovation removes the truly difficult work from building and keeping up a total stock of your IT frameworks.

Disclosure Wizard – An instinctive revelation wizard helps you rapidly design the framework to gather the foundation information you require. Adaptable disclosure standards and profiles let you choose what information is gathered and when.

• Agent-based and operator less disclosure – Get full perceivability of your IT framework with mechanized revelation of equipment, cell phones and introduced programming.

Programming Asset Management

Oversee and upgrade your association’s utilization of uses with our capable Software Asset Management.

By following programming licenses and utilize, you can streamline the administration of utilizations, reveal the potential consistence and security dangers, and find huge reserve funds on an expansive bit of the aggregate IT spending plan.

Full lifecycle administration – deal with the demand, arrangement, upkeep, utilize and transfer of all product with an incorporated ITAM/ITSM arrangement that ties together the greater part of your framework and operations information to give you the full picture of utilizations – and how they are utilized and upheld as a part of your association.

Application revelation and checking – Identify applications, virtual machines and other programming running in your datacenter and out in your systems. Screen accessibility and execution so that organized moves can be made rapidly.

License consistence – Discover and track which programming is being used in your association and consequently contrast and a record of claimed licenses to guarantee consistence at all times. Computerized disclosure apparatuses and rebelliousness alarms make it simple to discover and dispose of unlicensed programming and keep away from the dangers connected with merchant reviews.

• We find and screens applications and virtual machines that are running on your datacenter equipment and end client gadgets. This gives you a full picture of programming in your association and helps you to guarantee you’re paying for what you require.



Asset Disposition Management

• Whether you’re trying to maximize the value of your used technology by remarketing it or seeking a way to securely recycle it, Spas Computers has the ITAD solution to fit your organizational needs. Our asset disposition services provide enormous benefits, including:
• Remarketing or Recycling. Many businesses can’t afford to purchase new equipment, and accordingly, there is a robust resale market for used hardware. Spas Computers can either handle the resale of your IT assets or oversee its secure recycling.                              [read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”] • Equipment valuation. Our IT asset management team can help you easily determine the value of your used equipment. Armed with this information you’ll be able to make intelligent decisions on a proper course of action, whether it’s to remarket your hardware or recycle it. Our software tools are free to existing Spas Computers clients.
• Secure disposition. Regardless of the ultimate method of your equipment’s disposition, Spas Computers will ensure that your data is destroyed by wiping your hard drives clean in full compliance with all data security regulations. You can rest assured that your sensitive data won’t fall into the wrong hands, keeping you fully protected from data breaches.
• Revenue share or specific purchase price. Spas Computers will evaluate your hardware and, if it’s determined that remarketing is a viable option, will proceed on either a revenue share basis or offer you a specific purchase price for your equipment.
• Transparent process. You’ll be informed of the state of your hardware at every step of the process thanks to our 24/7 reporting portal. And with a single point of contact, you’ll enjoy the benefit of being able to consult with us at every stage.
• Nationwide pickup. By leveraging our extensive partner network, Spas Computers can pick up your equipment and transport it to our secure recycling centers from wherever you are. [/read]

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