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Scrap Dealers

Scrap costs for lead, copper, zinc, metal, aluminum, stainless steel and different ferrous and non-ferrous metals vacillate consistently. Subsequently as one of the significant scrap metal organizations in the India we offer present and focused costs for all scrap metals.Call SPAS COMPUTERS PVT LTD – Scrap Dealer in Mumbai

We can exchange with the most elevated bidder whichever time zone they are in. You would think that its extreme to offer your material for more than our brokers can. Call us for a no commitment cite on your scrap!

We buy and gather scrap metal from clients who create squander metal all through the India. counting:

Producing organizations

Waste Stream

Decimation Contractors

Service Companies

Business Sector Services

Private Customers

What Do We Buy

We purchase any kind of ferrous and non-ferrous metals extending from steel cuts constructional scrap air ship rescue aliminium copper stainless steel the rundown goes on, so on the off chance that you have scrap that you require a cost for call us today for an up and coming no commitment citation.


Our lorries tip the scales at our modernized open weighbridge and the significant reports are sent to you.

We ensure you’ll get paid for what you give us – and not a scrap less.


We comprehend the affectability of some assembling forms and the requirement for provoke scrap accumulations. Our drivers will be there to gather your scrap and repetitive metal when you need them, 7 days a week. With speed and productivity we’ll ensure you’re never left holding up.


Spas Computers as scrap dealers give premium costs for your scrap. We pay the best costs and regardless of how the market varies we guarantee that you generally get the top rates. The enormous volume of scrap we buy coupled to our broad managing courses guarantees you understand the most extreme from your scrap.

Spas Computers Pvt Ltd is a scrap Dealers. We concentrate on buying and recycling scrap metal. We have competitive scrap metal prices and services for buying industrial scrap metals.

Spas Computers Pvt Ltd is a pioneer in the exchanging and reusing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. On the off chance that you have scrap to purchase, we will satisfied to get it and after that look no further. There are various reasons why purchasing from Spas Computers Pvt Ltd is the best choice for you.

We pride ourselves on our client administration and place awesome significance on finding the right answer for every individual client. We search for long haul associations, and trust our demonstrated techniques will offer your organization unrivaled chances to build its profits from scrap metals. Additionally we ensure that the costs we take are constantly extremely focused furthermore most recent.

Growing your business? Our dedicated operations and logistics team will partner with you to facilitate scrap collection and provide prompt, efficient transportation solutions.Spas Computers offers fair, convenient payment for every pound of ferrous and nonferrous metal. Whether prepared or unprepared material, our dedicated and knowledgeable staff works with you to maximize the value of your scrap.

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