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SPAS COMPUTERS PVT LTD – Microsoft Refurbished Store

As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, we give a financially savvy and safe answer for PC transfer.

Donate your old PCs and make innovation moderate for others.

When you update your innovation frameworks, how would you discard the surplus PCs that are no longer required by your association? They won’t not be useful to you, but rather they can even now hold esteem for others. Since utilized PCs regularly contain delicate corporate information, you might be uncomfortable while decommissioning them. However discarding reusable PCs adds to squander and keeps them from being utilized by new proprietors. An approach to explain these issues is to reach us for a free business pickup.

We will appropriately decommission your PCs by taking after stringent industry standard information wiping protocols.Then we will repair the PCs so as opposed to winding up in a landfill, these reasonable PCs will be provided to organizations, schools, not-for-profits, government programs, and other qualified clients that need access to the formal of innovation that they can’t as of now bear.

Microsoft Refurbished Store furnish you with advantages.

Working with us can help you:

Ensure corporate information.

Discarding PCs through a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher ensures

your important business information. Since we are required to meet industry models

for information wiping you can feel more secure realizing that your information has been evacuated.

Exhibit ecological initiative by diminishing e-waste.

You are supporting reuse and reduction of E-waste by keeping your old, however

usable, PCs out of landfills, lessening waste and natural effect.

Give PCs to associations and groups in need the world over.

You are providing PCs that will be renovated and gave to organizations,

schools, not-for-profits, and other qualified clients who can’t manage the cost of new


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