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E waste Services

E waste Services


SPAS Computers Pvt Ltd. gives safe and secure answers for any E-Waste Services. Regardless of whether you are an independent company with old, obsolete telephone framework, PCs or gadgets or a Government element, we have the ideal answer for any e-waste reusing administrations require. Or then again E Waste Services recorded underneath are our most generally asked.In any case, we likewise have clients with unique demand or potentially security needs that we can encourage. On the off chance that you don’t see an administration that you require underneath, please contact our office and we will work with you to locate the ideal arrangement.


E-waste recycling management are turning into a more noteworthy and more noteworthy need as the period of innovation advances. There are numerous organizations asserting to give e-waste collection & disposal services, yet few are prepared to give full administration recycling Companies like SPAS Computers Pvt Ltd.
SPAS Computers Pvt Ltd. is an Mumbai based organization that works in reusing administrations.We have a best in class PCB enrolled E-Waste recycling company that is outfitted with all the innovation required for finish e-waste recycling. We at SPAS Computers Pvt Ltd. give e waste services that not just spotlight on the valuable metals that can be found in gadgets today yet additionally the plastics, copper, steel, metal, and to be very fair whatever else that can be found in the e-waste we get.
Our reusing administrations program includes the total reusing of all materials found in e-waste.The e-waste recycling office at SPAS Computers Pvt Ltd. cover each component of e-waste disposal management. We isolate every one of the numerous materials in e-squander and have them advertise prepared for the enterprises that utilization them.
Our e waste services will take your undesirable or obsolete PCs and put them through our best in class procedure of assessment and handling. We give our reusing administrations and after that send you remuneration in view of a level of the estimation of the reused merchandise. We do this with a two week pivot.
So inside fourteen days you will get a check and a testament of devastation.On the off chance that your organization has been warehousing old PCs for comfort, let the SPAS Computers’s recycling company representatives come in and free up that space – commonly at definitely no cost! Our e waste services are second to none.E-waste disposal management made simple! Our skill in e-waste disposal management settles on us your main decision in all e-waste recycling.We set up a straightforward and easy gathering receptacle process for your office


  • Step 1: Contact us by means of telephone or email
  • Step 2: Schedule a drop off time and date for conveyance of receptacles
  • Step 3: When the receptacles are full, essentially call us for a free get and substitution of containerse waste services india
  • Step 4: We issue a Certificate of Recycling for all e-waste things got

It is of incredible significance to locate a progressing answer for electronic waste aggregation inside your association. Dropping off e-waste things yourselves and managing numerous electronic recycling offices is badly designed and inconsistent. We offer an adaptable and thorough arrangement by cooperating with your group to set up a successful accumulation framework that will make your workload lighter.Our office gathering containers are an extraordinary size to augment space a

nd are effortlessly portable. In like manner, our substantial distribution center canisters accompany beds and are additional solid to capacity a wide assortment of electronic waste. Our receptacles hold all kind of e-waste material, for example, PCs, workstations, IT hardware, hard drives, circuit sheets, screens, and that’s just the beginning.
We represent considerable authority in working with and giving gathering containers to huge organizations who have both assembling distribution centers or a broad IT division. We are right now additionally working with a few secondary schools and universities who use our canister benefit all through the whole school year and summer.
Give our group a chance to arrive nearby to package, gather, and get every electronic thing for reusing amid your get out task.
SPAS Computers Pvt Ltd. E-Waste Disposal offers office tidy up administrations to organizations moving out or experiencing an extensive framework redesign. Amid your bustling venture, you can have a bit of mind knowing we will give all assets to disengage, bundle, and load onto our truck all electronic waste things at your office.
Our group is prepared to decommission PC labs, server rooms, and testing gear destinations to spare your organization time and assets. The initial step is to just set up an on location meeting to design the E-waste get of material.
Reach us today to plan a gathering with one of our business agents to meet with your group nearby and talk about the whole procedure execution.
Our Recycling Programs are for Residentials, Businesses, Schools, Hospitals and Organizations.
We benefit the whole Area and have electronic reusing answers for all. For the overall population and independent companies, we offer a free drop off administration where you may bring your electronic waste for protected and secure reusing. Our group dumps your things for you for a snappy and effective visit. If it’s not too much trouble make certain to survey the rundown of things we acknowledge with the expectation of complimentary drop offs by clicking here
For corporate offices that gather E-waste much of the time, we set up a formal and progressing program inside your association to reuse electronic waste in an effective way. The initial phase in executing our program is accepting free gathering canisters for your office to capacity electronic waste in an assigned region that is effectively available to your group. We convey the canisters, and once they top off you just timetable a pickup to supplant the containers at no cost. Our company at that point issues you a Certificate of Recycling for the things reused. The assortment of accumulation canisters we convey are reasonable for both a distribution center and office condition.
Your office can likewise get in touch with us for a free one-time get benefit for substantial activities. Our 24 foot truck empowers our group to deal with any vast scale pick ups from corporate central station, producing offices, and appropriation focuses. Our truck is furnished with lift-entryway and equipped for stacking 12+ beds one outing for an effective and quick support of your group.


Hdd Data Removal Services and Destruction Made Easy
Secure information evacuation administrations and authentications of information devastation endorsements are a formal certification that your electronic information was totally discarded in a protected way by an Mumbai based authorized supplier of Hard Drive Data Destruction.
SPAS Computers Pvt Ltd. is an Mumbai based organization that gives secure information obliteration. We have a best in class PCB affirmed office that is outfitted with all the innovation required for finish electronic information devastation. We are a full administration, Mumbai based, authorized secure information pulverization benefit that gives secure information demolition endorsements.

Why the requirement for a protected information annihilation endorsement?

Authoritative commitments, government controls, wholesale fraud dangers, and other security concerns can force stringent conventions for shielding private information. Thorough endeavors are frequently required for the powerful secure information obliteration of private records from electronic hardware or drives and basically eradicating information doesn’t generally imply that the data is never again available. To shield yourself and your organization from potential information misfortune, hard drives, model units, processors, chips and other delicate stockpiling media can be physically demolished with our business segments shredder.
With SPAS Computers’s Data Security administrations and information annihilation endorsement, you can be certain that the records, documents, and projects which may even now dwell on surplus or obsolete gear will never be found on the optional market, in the hands of cheats – or in the examination labs of your rivals.
Try not to agree to an India secure information devastation benefit without a safe information demolition declaration. Demand a protected information pulverization endorsement through an association that will give productive, secure information demolition of all your electronic parts and hardware.
Secure information pulverization Made Easy. We take conveyances and we do pickups. No safe information devastation require is too little or huge for SPAS Computers Pvt Ltd.
Call our Mumbai E-waste Recycling Center today for your protected information evacuation administrations and demolition.
Secure information expulsion administrations and information decimation made simple, SPAS Computers Pvt Ltd. where you can rest guaranteed that the majority of your electronic information will be always crushed.


Electronic remarketing is an administration that takes your old or out dated gadgets and discovers markets where they are as yet needed. SPAS Computers Pvt Ltd. has an electronic remarketing program second to none
While some hardware gear may have outlasted its convenience in your association, there is a flourishing electronic remarketing program where the life of utilitarian surplus gear can be broadened. SPAS Computers Pvt Ltd. is a pioneer in electronic remarketing for your gear and removing the greatest conceivable come back from more established, yet at the same time helpful, innovation.
Our purchasers can offer you an entire electronic remarketing-choices quote for your resigning gear. Since we are a pioneer in electronic remarketing and have a huge base of auxiliary buyers, we can offer you the absolute best an incentive for your unused or old fashioned frameworks.
We at SPAS Computers Pvt Ltd. are enormous enthusiasts of the idea of electronic remarketing and here are a few reasons why. For one, the vitality utilization during the time spent finish reusing. We wish to spare in any capacity conceivable and electronic remarketing spares vitality. Likewise electronic remarketing brings our clients more incentive from their undesirable out dated gadgets. Let us not overlook that there are numerous spots that innovation excessively old for one can be of extraordinary need to another. SPAS Computers’s electronic remarketing program gets this

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