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Pollution Control Board Authorised E-waste Recycler

As India’s leading authorised e-waste recycler, we gather and reuse many things of e waste consistently. A significant number of our clients are making a decent attempt to make the best choice with their out of date PCs and TVs; others just can hardly wait to dispose of the refrigerator that has been squandering space for quite a long time. Whatever the story and whatever your aims, we are regularly asked a similar inquiry with respect to our administrations… .

“What do we do when we gather your electronic waste?”

Once you’ve composed an accumulation with one of our business group, the rest is dependent upon us. The driver will touch base in the concurred two hour window and dependably call you on way to deal with ensure you’re prepared. We will likewise re-affirm the cost of your gathering before he starts to stack the truck.

Once we’ve stacked up the day’s e waste onto the truck, it’s taken to a private reusing office inside our warehouse to be reused.

Electronic Waste – reusing workstations, PCs and other electronic equipments.

Most electronic waste experiences a reusing framework called a WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), which not just reuses 95-98%, by weight, of all ewaste went through it, however guarantees that any information left on hard drives and recollections are altogether obliterated as well.

authorised e-waste recycler

Picking Shed – first every one of the things are arranged by hand and batteries and copper are removed for quality control.

Beginning Size Reduction Process – things are destroyed into pieces as little as 100mm to set up the ewaste to be completely arranged. This is likewise where the information demolition happens.

Auxiliary Size Reduction – the little flotsam and jetsam is shaken to guarantee that it is equally spread out on the transport line, before it gets separated considerably more. Any tidy separated is discarded in an earth cordial way.

Overband Magnet – utilizing magnets, steel and iron are expelled from the flotsam and jetsam.

Metallic and Non-Metallic Content – aluminum, copper and metal are isolated from the non-metallic substance. The metallic would then be able to be reused and exchanged as crude materials.

Water Separation – water is utilized to isolate plastic from the glass content. Once isolated every single crude material would then be able to be exchanged.

Spas Computers Pvt Ltd –India’s Leading authorised e-waste recycler, collection and reusing Management.

At Spas Computers Pvt Ltd we just utilize reusing offices inside India where electronic waste and the risky chemicals it contains can be reused in a controlled situation to ISO14001 standard.

Presently 95-98%, by weight, of the considerable number of materials we gather is reused for sometime later. Our administration is proficient, quick and solid; we’ll come to you, gather your E waste and convey it to the fitting reusing office.

For more data kindly don’t delay to call us on 8898 899 899 or drop us an email to info@spascomputers.com

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